If you have a home that just can’t stay clean, then you are experiencing what most of America fights on a weekly basis. Between kids, adults, and potentially pets, the dust, dirt, and grime seem to endless multiple and grown out of thin air.

As soon as you wipe a surface down, dust starts to settle again. As soon as you vacuum, you start to notice missed spots and dust along the edges. Instead of spending your hard-earned time off doing chores, you have thought about hiring a cleaning service. You’ve made the right decision.

Maid and cleaning services offer the best of both worlds. They give you peace of mind that they house is fresh and clean and offer you the free time to relax and enjoy the day. However, not all cleaning services are the same. Here are a few tips to make sure you know what you are doing.

Make sure they have a good track record.

Check out their testimonials and reviews. You want a crew that is active and desirable because they do a great job. There is no sense of accomplishment if you pay someone and the job doesn’t even get done.

Make sure they offer a free quote.

There is no need to pay for an estimate. Further, it should be done right over the phone. Their website should look professional and explicitly state how to contact them, like this one at McCarthy’s Home Services.

Make sure they offer exactly the services you need.

Don’t run into a situation where they say, “yah, we should be able to do that.” No! They should say that your needs are something that they are familiar with and have experience in cleaning. Most likely if they wing it, they will miss plenty of dirty spots. Check out all of the services they offer to confirm that you are covered.

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