If you are looking for the best residential cleaning and maid services in the Cincinnati area, then you made a fantastic decision. Congratulations on the time back you will get once you stop worrying about having to clean your home and dust the shelves. Now you can sit back and finish all of those projects you have been letting sit around for so long. When you start to look for a residential cleaning service, don’t just hire the first ones on the list. You need to make sure that they have quality services at a reasonable price. Here are the top tips for hiring.

Always get a free quote over the phone

Not all home services and contractors offer free quotes. There is no longer any need for these services to charge. Everyone should be offering free quotes. Also, make sure they give you a quote over the phone that they will honor. You should be able to call them up, describe the job, and get a reasonable quote on the spot. Most cleaning services operate on a square foot cost calculation.

Know how the price out their service

If you want a deep clean or a light dusting you will need to tell them that. Some residential cleaning services don’t do everything. Others, like the professionals at McCarthy’s Home Services, offer the full range of cleaning and maid services for your home. This would include deep cleans for the kitchen, refrigerator, stove, bathroom, tub and sinks.

Make sure that they bring everything that they need

Don’t give them your supplies to use while they clean. Most likely, you won’t have everything that they need, and it might not be good enough to use on the dirt. They should be bringing their own supplies and tools to clean your home. Find out if it is pet friendly or harsh on your services. They can offer all varieties that are safe.

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