Fortunately for us, SANITIZATION IS WHAT WE DO! A CLEAN home is a HEALTHY home!

Your family’s health has always been a TOP priority of McCarthy’s Home Services, LLC. Just as important as your health is to us, so is OUR health too. Our goal, during this time, is to be a part of the solution and NOT part of the problem.

This is a developing situation in our area, but from the onset of this virus, we have been watching, reading, learning, and TRAINING. But for us to continue to provide our service to all of our wonderful customers, we need your help as well. We are requesting that if you or a family member are sick (running a fever or experiencing flu-like symptoms), that you notify our office to cancel or reschedule your appointment. We will be waiving the late cancel fee for this time for illness. Unfortunately, we may also have to cancel/reschedule appointments if your cleaning technician is out due to illness.

We will be using Lysol(r) All-Purpose Cleaner to sanitize the main high touch areas of your home.

1. Doorknobs
2. Light Switches
3. Handrails
4. Cabinet Knobs/Drawer Pulls
5. Appliance Handles/Panels

Industry Best Practices will be used along with new procedures to make sure that we sanitize the surfaces in your home. We have also implemented these steps as well:

1. Technicians will use sanitizer or wash their hands immediately upon entering your home, but also prior to leaving.
2. Technicians will be sanitizing their equipment prior to entering and after leaving each home.
3. As always, our cleaning towels will be washed and thoroughly sanitized
4. Technicians have available to them additional Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) to wear including masks, safety glasses, gloves, and shoe booties.

We appreciate your understanding in regards to this matter. Please know that we are taking all precautionary measures to keep you and your home safe and SANITIZED!


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